Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to the new Fleet 5 Chicago website

As you can notice there are a few changes on the website. Our goal is to make fleet information easier to access while adding ease of administration.

We have created a completely new web presence for the fleet which includes many new features.

1. All fleet officers have posting privileges. This allows each member of the committee to post their own pertinent information for easy dissemination. Any emailed information can easily be posted here to provide an informational backup. You can click on any tag to filter information to only measurer....or offshore series information....etc.

2. The keys can be passed easily. Whomever takes ownership next gets the password and email information to all items with one easy to use interface. This makes transitions easy.

3. Fleet Picassa and youtube albums. We have many photographers in the fleet. We can add any photos you like to our web album. Please email any photos to and they will be posted.

4. RSS.....if any of you use RSS on the atom subscription for instant updates to your desktop.

5. Scoring We are working on building the scoring system and hope to have it running soon.

If there are any features you feel are missing, please feel free to email them to anytime and we will try to add them.

We hope this website helps make life easier and allows less confusion going forward.

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