Friday, January 20, 2012

Strictly Sail/Chicago - Navy Pier

Strictly Sail/Chicago - Navy Pier        J105 Fleet 5 Booth -  Next Weekend - Our Booth details can be found at     

We need volunteers for:

Thursday   4-6pm
Saturday   10 am to noon
Saturday     6pm to 8pm
Sunday       10 am to 3pm
Sunday        3pm to 5pm

Please email me with a time slot,  to help market your J105 Fleet. If you cannot help, have one of your crew volunteer.    Thankyou!

Thanks to volunteers - Clark Pellet, Sean Wilson, Keith Krause (providing video support), Gerhard Zinseling, Dorin Candea, Tim Kohler, Dave Wagner, Blane Shea, Mike Newman, Ed Newman, Kathie Newman,  You have all volunteered and blocked out your specific time slots.         Thanks to Stearns Boating, SS Composites, Skyway, Larsen Marine providing J105 Hull 226 to our booth . Thanks to J105 National Class Secretary Julie Howell for providing battle flag and the new J105 Class Association marketing banner. 

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