Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013 Race to Mackinac

J105 One Design Mackinac Racers:

Welcome to the Chicago to Mackinac Race - 2013! Our Fleet participation is on the rise from 2012! Lets keep reaching out to non- racing J105ers, to join the fun for future events - and keep rebuilding our J105 One Design Fleets! The J105 is a great boat! Lets all communicate during the Mac, about jointly hosting a possible NAs in Northern Michigan, bringing all of our Fleets together in the future. Preliminary discussions have been underway for this concept with Carter Williams- for a Joint Fleet 5/Fleet 25 2015 - 2017 NAC submittal to Nationals. Also, attached is the Fleet 5 Calendar, and it would be great if out of town boats can join us - for remaining events this season!! The Verve Cup is a great event!

Welcome to the J105ers from Michigan, Minnesota, St. Louis, and Chicago for this years Mac Race! The J105 National Rules and Fleet 5 Local Rules which apply for the race are in the attached files. These rules are in place to ensure high quality one - design racing for all J105 competitors. Contact me or Fleet 5 Measurer Gyt Petkus with any questions.

Please take notice that a certified weight certificate - Form 7.3B is required, only registered/tagged one - design sails are permitted on board, and this is a Level A event (no pros). Untagged storm jib and storm trysail are allowed of course. Also, J105 competitors are required to be a 2013 member of a Local J105 Fleet, as well as the National J105 Fleet. This is also done, to ensure high quality one design racing.

In the event you are unsure if your weight certificate is valid, or do not have one, please email the certificate to Gyt Petkus - Fleet 5 measurer, and copy me. This applies to boats outside of Fleet 5. Gyt can review your existing certificate or give guidance, on how to obtain a 7.3B certificate. Thanks Gyt!

J105 Pink Pony Party will be out on the back veranda. This is a no - host event, but it would be great if the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners - can buy the first round for the J105 fleet that arrives afterward. The winners will have more time to organize the party for those that enjoyed Lake Michigan for a longer time :) Last years' J105 Party location is unavailable this year, but will be available for us again in 2014!

Have a safe, fun voyage!!

Please contact me with any questions.


Jon Weglarz

J105 Fleet 5 - Fleet Captain

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