Monday, August 5, 2013

Slow Mac Race Favors Western Shores

Congratulations to Pterodactyl for winning the J105 section of the 2013 Race to Mackinac.

Following the Wisconsin shoreline and getting North paid off as they were able to maintain just enough pressure to keep moving when the rest of the fleet lay dead in the middle of the lake.

Congratulations also to new J105 owner Mike Tuman and the crew of Striking for their second place finish.  Clark Pellet and the crew of Sealark placed third.  Both Sealark and Striking battled hard to keep short leads through most of the doldrums on Monday.

Congratulations is also in order to anyone who finished this difficult and frustrating race.  The Race to Mackinac continues to be one of the best distance challenges in the United States.  1/3 of the fleet finished within an hour.

The fleet party did not happen (except for Pterodactyl!), but will return in 2014!

The Fran Byrne Regatta is next as a tune up for the Verve Cup.

Please click on the link to the left for standings.

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