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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Asylum Goes Nuts at the Lutz!

Jon Weglarz's The Asylum took a second and 2 bullets for a commanding victory in the Lutz yesterday.  After the rains cleared, a strong breeze filled from the southwest.  Winds in the 20s with gusts into the 30s tested the J/105 fleet's boat handling and helming skills.  J/105's have long been known for their outstanding handling in heavy weather.  The fleet was able to complete 3 competitive races in difficult conditions.  After their big day, The Asylum jumped into second in the Larsen Marine Weekend Warrior Series standings.  The next event in the series will be the Fran Byrne, Saturday, August 2nd.  

Lutz results:
1st  The Asylum
2nd  Flying Pig
3rd  Here's Johnny

Larsen Marine Weekend Warrior Standings:
1st  Here's Johnny
2nd  The Asylum
3rd  Bella

Upcoming Events:

Chicago Mac Race, July 19th
With TWENTY J/105s entered, its shaping up to be a great year for the CYC Mac Race!  Only the T-10s will have a larger One Design.

Ugotta Regatta, July 25-27
Here's Johnny and Sealark will represent fleet 5 in the Ugotta Regatta.  If you are doing the Mac race, stop in Harbor Springs on your way home for this great event!

Fran Byrne. August 2nd
The next installment if the Larsen Marine Weekend Warrior Series

Verve Cup, August 8-10
The final and deciding event in our premiere Goose Island Championship Series.  Four points separate the top six teams in the standings!

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