Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This is a friendly reminder that the Verve is a Level A event.  Please review the J/105 National Class rules to be sure that you are complaint.  Each skipper is responsible for the compliance of his or her boat.  Strong rules are critical to successful one-design racing.

Also, please complete the following online weight declaration form.  Submit a separate form for each crew combination that you will be using.  Instructions are included within.  You may resubmit for any changes up to harbor start each day of racing.  Only your most recent submissions will be used.  Your submissions will be visible only to fleet officers and referenced only in the case of a protest.

​If you have problems with the online form, you may print the old form from the documents page on our website and email a completed, scanned copy to this address.  (Everyone used the online form successfully for the NOOD.)​

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