Wednesday, July 8, 2015

5th Annual J105 Mackinac Party

11am EST, Tuesday; Market Street Inn

We are delighted to announce the fifth annual J105 Mackinac Island Party.  Open to all friends, family and those supporting the J105 Fleet.

The location is the same as last year.  For those who weren't there or those who dont remember....the Market Street Inn is located on Market Street directly behind Doud's (The grocery store on Main Street).  The party will be located in the backyard garden; please enter via the path on the right side of the Inn.  A map can be found here: 

Please remember, the Market Street Inn has graciously agreed to host with no real benefit to the Inn, do not walk on the flowers, throw your garbage in the cans and please be respectful to those helping and to the other non-J105 guests.  We would like to return year after year.  There is a restroom in the basement, please do not go inside unless you are a guest of the Inn.

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