Saturday, January 16, 2016

Updated Class Rules:

The Chicago Strictly Sail Show is ongoing this weekend at McCormick Place and a number of owners are inquiring about the change to rules by the National J105 Class expanding the materials possible in jibs. National has just posted the updated rules on the website today (Jan. 16, 2016).

Specifically see the following paragraph concerning Jibs:

"6.5.1 The roller jib shall be constructed of either woven ply, laminated ply and/or single ply. The use of Vectran, PBO or Cuben Fiber in the construction is not permitted."

Previous versions had not allowed Spectra or Carbon Fiber. Hence, for 2016 these materials are now allowable per our National Class rules.

During the fall meeting Fleet 5 reviewed these changes and voted  that we would follow the same rules thus keeping our fleet consistent as an internationally recognized One Design Class.

Note that any jib used for one design racing must still meet the class minimum weight and other requirements.

Please consult with your favorite sail-maker.  See you on the water!

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