Thursday, February 25, 2016


Queens Cup & Chicago Regatta

New this year Fleet 5 has added the Queen’s Cup to our Vin Chicago Long Distance Series. The Queen’s Cup has always been a great race across Lake Michigan, but new this year the boats will be going from Milwaukee to St. Joe (Queen’s Cup) with a follow on race from St. Joe back to Chicago (The Chicago Regatta) both races occurring over the long 4th of July weekend.  
The Chicago Waukegan race takes place the weekend before which means you can do that race and have the boat half way to Milwaukee cutting down upon the delivery time. There is some talk of organizing a race from Waukegan to Milwaukee so stay tuned for more information on this race as it becomes available.
In the meantime, follow the link to the 2016 Queen’s Cup sponsor South Shore Yacht Club website for more information. 

The Chicago Regatta is organized by the Pinnacle Foundation and sponsored by LMSRF Area III and all the supporting Yacht Clubs. For information go to The Chicago Regatta 

We have applied for a One Design (OD) start so that the J105’s will be able to race under the 2016 J105 Class Rules  and 2016 Queen's Cup & Chicago-Mackinac Race AddendaIf you are doing the Mac this should make life much easier.

If you want to be scored in the overall rankings you will need a valid LMPHRF certificate.

In order to ensure we get a OD start at least 6 boats need to sign up, so please do so early enough to lock in our own section. Given the initial interest there will no doubt be a number of boats, but we need to secure our section early.

This will be a great addition to our season and no doubt a wonderful weekend so please join your fellow J105’s for a couple of new events this summer.

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