Saturday, April 21, 2018

2018 Spring Meeting

Thank you to all the members that attended the meeting today. Your input is greatly appreciated.

The 2018 Race Schedule has been approved, see schedule on the Racing Series page or download on link below:

                                 PDF of 2018 Schedule

Our Articles of Association and the 2018 Special Mac addenda were approved. The only changes were an update to the Driver  and Crew Eligibility to bring our rules into compliance with the 2018 Class rules. In practice, this is no change from our fleet's previous practices. The Class incorporated what a number of local fleets were doing to help maintain the strength and consistency of our One Design status.

Also, for the Weekend Warrior  Series we agreed to a change in how a pro's weight may be accounted for by adding the following statement: "However, new this year, for this series only, if the crew weight will be exceed; the pro can stay on the center line and will not count towards the crew's weight."

This was done so that you can bring a coach along and not have to bump a crew member off the boat which some what defeats the reason for bringing a coach out in the first place.

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