2018 Racing Series

Championship Series: 
    Sailing World NOOD Regatta                          June 8, 9, & 10
    North American's Harbor Springs                    July 26, 27, 28, & 29
    Verve Cup Regatta                                           August 10, 11, & 12

For those seeking the highest level of competition, this series of the NOOD and the Verve Cup will demand boat speed, handling and tactics over 3 days of intense W/L buoy racing.  This year will include the J105 North American Championship in Harbor Springs, MI. These are Class A1 events.  No pros are allowed.  Participants are required to certify their crew weight using our online form. The series will be scored by the low point system with no throw outs.  For the Fleet 5 Championship Series NA scores will be calculated based upon members only finishes.

Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac - Sat. July 21
The Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac is a race like no other. More than three hundred fifty boats leave Chicago every July for a dash to Mackinac Island.. At 333 miles (289.4 nautical miles), the Race to Mackinac is the oldest annual freshwater distance race in the world. ‘The Mac’ starts at the Chicago Lighthouse, just off Navy Pier and continues to Mackinac Island. The J105 Fleet will once again be the largest One Design Section. This is a Class A3 event and the Special Addenda: 2018 Chicago-Mac Race applies (see documents).

Larsen Marine - Weekend Warrior Series
    Colors Regatta                                         Sat-Sun, June 2 & 3
    Webb Memorial                                        Sun. July 8
    Hobelman (W/L)                                       Sun. Aug. 19
    Commodore Stein                                    Sat. Sept. 9
    Sheldon Clark                                          Sat. Sept. 22

This series is a great way to get into one design buoy racing or sharpen your skills throughout the summer.  These will be Class C1 races so you can bring a sailing pro, sailmaker, or coach.  Just remember the class weight rules apply and your pro will count toward that limit. However, new this year, for this series if the crew weight will be exceed; the pro can stay on the center line and will not count towards the crew's weight. The series is scored with the high point scoring system with no throw outs.  

Vin Chicago - Distance Series
    Chicago to Waukegan                               Sat, June 16
    Waukegan to Chicago                               Sun. June 17
    Chicago to St. Joe  (Bi-State Leg 1)          Fri. Aug. 31 
    St. Joe to Chicago  (Bi-State Leg 2)          Sat. Sept. 2

Fluky winds and big shifts are a major part of sailing on Lake Michigan. You'll need great boat speed and a little luck in these challenging port-to-port races.  Plus, there's always a great party at the finish.   These races will be Class C3 races so you can bring a sailing pro, sailmaker, or coach.  The series is scored with the high point scoring system with no throw out.

Wednesday Night Beer Can Series 
May 23 to Sept 12 (see Yacht Scoring website for schedule & SI)
This is a series that a number of J105's boats have always participated and done well in, a great way to get out on the lake do some casual racing and enjoy the sights. These races are Class C3 events.

Casual Distance Races
BPYC Northerly Island  (Casual)                         Sun. June 24
Hobelmann Regatta (Casual)                                Sun. Aug. 19
Chicago Regatta (Distance Casual)                       Sat. Sept. 8

An intermediate distance series meant to be a more casual day on the lake, perhaps an introduction to racing, a great way to bring out some non-sailing guests or introduce people to racing. These are Class C3 events. Come out and just have a good time. Also these races are free for Chicago Harbor slip owners!

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