Friday, December 30, 2022

Spring Training - San Diego

 Hello Fleet 5!

We've finalized the dates for our spring training in at in San Diego -- February 17-19.

J World will provide J105's and instructors.  We will be working on sail trim, boat handling, tactics, etc. -- or whatever the group wants to work on.

The price (including sales tax) is $975 per person.

Space is limited, so sign up now by contacting Suzie at J World (

See you in San Diego!


P.S.  The training will be all day on each of the three days, so plan on arriving by the day before and leaving the day after (or taking a redeye).

2022 Annual Meeting Minutes


J105 Fleet 5

Annual Meeting Minutes of the J105 Fleet 5 held at the Chicago Yacht Club Monroe Station on 12/17/22 11:00 am



John Weglarz – The Asylum

Branwell Lepp – It Wasn’t Me

Peter Schwartzbach – Phanton

Gerhard Zinserling – Y Not

Mike Newman – Valhalla

Judith & Ross McLean – Esprit d’Écosse

Josh Lutton – Kinship

Mark Fruin – Nycosaur

Mike Sheppard – Flying Pig

Clark Pellet – Sealark (Via Zoom)

Dave Michals – Attitude (Via Zoom)


Proxies: Ralph Krauss, Mike Hettel, Gyt Petkus


Next meeting:

Spring 2023, Date and Time TBD

1.     Announcements

Josh brought the meeting to order and welcomed the attendees 11:10 am

Josh congratulated all the 2022 Race Series winners and thanked all participants in the 2022 GLIOR

2.     Discussion

Josh - San Diego spring training: San Diego Jworld only have 2 boats available at J-world, we would probably need another 1 -2 boats, cost would approximately be $1000 per person with 6 people per boat.

Clark – may have a connection at a San Diego Marina to get more boats and/or a coach - Clark to investigate further


Josh – asked for ideas to improve Web site. Current one cumbersome and there is a need to modernize the look and functionality.

Josh/Ross/Mike Shepherd agreed to help with Web site modernization, any other help would be appreciated. Website should include sponsors on site. Everyone agreed that the website should remain current and maybe include J105 articles e.g. “Why did you buy a J105?”

General discussion about Fleet growth and participation

Josh – remarked fleet has grown, but there was still an opportunity for more.

Clark – more GLIOR participation required, high participation in the big events, shows the fleet is healthy. Make the regattas’ affordable, maybe concentrate on COLORS

Mike Sheppard – mentors to new boats (mentor does not have to be owner), more participation in parties to attract younger fleet members

Clark/Peter – advertise sooner about the high profile events, limit crew size (note, this was opposed by Ross and Judith as too restrictive, and they pointed out that a J105 can be competitively sailed with only 4 crew)

Ross – suggested survey to find blockers on boat participation

Branwell – suggested bringing more people out on your boat to showcase the J105 boat

Jon W – maybe only race Sat/Sun for three-day regattas

Gerhard – need to solidify the fleet when a distance race and W/L race is offered within a regatta

Jon W – to get a One Design start need 5 boats on the line

Mark F – suggested prioritizing a race event to get good turnout

Ross – maybe subsidize first time racers for entry costs, mentors can be crew members, not only owners.

Peter S – need-to-know what races are prioritized as a “must attend race”




Josh – handed out Article revision document (see article revision document)

General discussion points listed below:

·       Discussion about dual owner membership

·       Discussion about races classified as B3 should be changed to B2

·       Maybe include a special addendum for rig adjustment

·       Fleet to review proposed article changes outside of meeting, a copy of proposed changes will be sent out to all fleet 5 members


Treasures Report


·       starting bank balance for 2022 was $4,027.30 ending balance was $3,910.73

·       Sponsor check still required from Larsen Marine Services and Vin for 2023

·       Payment of check to Mark F outstanding amount TBD

·       Payment of check to Danielle outstanding amount TBD

·       Payment of check to Josh outstanding amount TBD

·       Mac Party paid

·       No increase of dues for 2023 amount will be $125, one active member per boat

·       Associate member for fleet 5 dues remain at $0

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Annual Meeting

    The Fleet 5 Annual Meeting will be held at the Chicago Yacht Club - Monroe Station in the Mackinac Bar on Saturday, December 17h starting at 11:00 am. 

If you are unable to attend in person please submit your Proxy

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

2022 CYC Race to Mackinac

 In a race that will be remembered as “one for the books,” the 113th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac presented by Wintrust. While this year’s race didn’t break any official records other than the number of Lake Michigan lightning strikes during Saturday night’s storms and the number of waves over the bow on Sunday night it was one of the overall fastest races in recent years. In total, out of the 244 registered, 29 boats retired or chose to withdraw, reasons ranging from the impending weather, shredded sails, equipment failures and minor injuries. The J105 teams proved to be up for the challenge with the fleet all scoring in the top half of the Mackinac Division. Sealark, Flying Pig, & Kinship finished 5th, 8th, & 12th in the overall Division.

This was Sealark’s second consecutive first place finish and we want to give Kinship a shout out for doing so well in their inaugural Mac. Congratulations to all the finishers this was a tough one. And as always happens after a shower and the Mac Party we all agreed: Can’t wait till next year!

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Long Distance Series 2022

 An epic weekend of J/105 racing wrapped up the Distance Series over Labor Day weekend.  The fleet saw Attitude and Yukon on the line for Friday night's start among the seven starters.  Moderate winds pushed the boats on a fast race over to St. Joseph, with Esprit d'Ecosse dominating the fleet to finish in first.  Y-Not nipped It Wasn't Me at the line to finish 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  

On the way back, stronger winds were from astern, under cloudy skies and some rain.  The big rollers made for some surfing and another fast ride.  The Asylum finished their downwind run nearly 15 minutes ahead of Y-Not, who beat out Sealark and It Wasn't Me in a virtual tie at the "theoretical" alternate finish line.  The three had tangled over the last half of the race course before finally converging at the Four Mile crib, with Y-Not crossing ahead of the other two boat's paths.  

The provisional final series standings (High Point Scoring) found Sealark atop with 21, followed by The Asylum at 19 and Esprit d'Ecosse at 16.  Kinship had 14, Y-Not 13, Peregrine 10, It Wasn't Me 8, Nyctosaur 6, followed by Attitude, Phantom and Yukon.  Global Nomads scratched due to Covid.  

New Website

  We have moved (select link below to go to new site) J105 Fleet 5 - Chicago